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We help you become unstuck, gain momentum and make the most of your full potential. 

Our team will help you to nurture talent, transform and thrive through inspirational learning and development programs across the UK and Australia. 

We provide practical training workshops, online programs and executive coaching.

Our flagship Momentum Mindset Leadership Coaching provides a tried and tested framework to enable you to create transformational change in your business or organisation.  

Leadership & Management Training

Our practical workshops, coaching and mentoring packages equip you with the skills and support required to enhance quality and performance pivotal for your success. We use a range of diagnostic and profiling tools.

Need Inspiration?

Listen to the Get Unstuck Fast! Viscosity Podcast or check out the new book The Momentum Mindset: How to Overcome Your Inertia to Achieve an Incredible Life by Vicki Main & Jonathan S. Bean.

Momentum Mindset Leadership Coaching

Our flagship Momentum Mindset Leadership Coaching provides a framework for business owners and individuals which help you to break free of the gravitational pull of negativity and inertia and achieve an incredible life.

The Momentum Mindset Book

How To Overcome Your Inertia and Achieve an Incredible Life!

The Momentum Mindset is a powerful guide written by Vicki Main and Jonathan S. Bean.

Vicki is an entrepreneur, qualified lecturer, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) Master Trainer, and business coach with over 20 years experience. Jonathan is a successful charity fundraiser, entrepreneur, writer, VLM trainer and multiple marathon runner.

In The Momentum Mindset, Vicki and Jonathan draw on their own skills and accomplishments – as well as those of business owners, academics, and thought leaders – to help readers overcome the inertia that holds them back from achieving their dreams.

In this book, they offer practical tools, strategies, and insights to help anyone, regardless of their circumstances, cultivate a winning mindset and take bold steps towards a more fulfilling life. With expert guidance, readers can break free from limiting beliefs, fears, and self-doubt and tap into their intrinsic motivators to build momentum and take inspired action towards living an incredible life.

Don’t let inertia hold you back any longer! The Momentum Mindset can equip you with the skills and mental approach needed to turn your dreams into reality and embark on a journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

“This is the best self-help book I have ever read! The style is engaging, and it contains a perfect blend of theory and practical advice that literally anyone can take on board to improve their life. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone!”

Nicola Moses – Newcastle UK

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VLM Training and Coaching Specialists, is a consultancy firm that has helped many people become unstuck, gain momentum and the most of their full potential. 

We provides practical training workshops, online programs and coaching.

Our community of qualified trainers, coaches and mentors have depth and breadth of experience who can support your continuous learning development needs, which are essential for your success. 

Vicki Main GAICD, BA (Hons), Cert Ed

Founder & Director

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Client Testimonials

Vicki agreed to moderate the very first Customer Retail Forum run by our Company. Without a doubt, Vicki was key to the success of the day. Her preparation was outstanding; background work, listening to the teams, suggesting tweaks, ensuring an efficient order of play and encouraging contributions from everyone. On the day itself, getting the minutest of details right, such as seating plan, spotting body language and involving all customers all contributed as well. All the right subjects were addressed, all the contributions recorded and next steps clearly defined. Without Vicki, a team doing this for the first time would not have achieved the outcome they did. Many thanks Vicki on unlocking some of our potential!!

Tim Fawbert Group Finance Director, Wyevale Nurseries Ltd, Hereford, England, UK

We at the Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF) had the privilege of having Vicki Main facilitate a Momentum Mindset Workshop for us. I can confidently say that the workshop and the book were a game-changer, especially during this time of significant change within our organization. The workshop was a breath of fresh air, providing us with practical tools and strategies to navigate the challenges that come with change. Vicki is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly engaging, creating an environment that encouraged us all to participate. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop.

Deborah Attard Portughes Chief Executive Officer at Womens and Infants Research Foundation, Perth, Western Australia.

“Vicki has delivered workshops for our Executive Education program for over four years and is a consistently engaging, warm and knowledgeable facilitator. She is always willing to go the extra mile for us and for the participants in our workshops. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Vicki and I look forward to continuing our working relationship for many more years to come”.

Lisa Spinks Executive Education Program Coordinator, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia.

I have had the honour of having Vicki as my coach over the last year and it has been phenomenal. Vicki has mentored me, challenged me, supported me through highs and lows of my professional journey. Being able to work off a baseline and then being able to review it through the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile tool has given me a great reflection of how I’ve developed over a period of time. She’s inspired me and made me laugh. She’s not only been there for me but also for my colleagues to have shared goals and objectives. Thank you Vicki for this opportunity. I look forward to your continued support.

Nashid Chowdhury Trade and Investment Commissioner, Government of Western Australia, India-Gulf Region

Vicki has added clarity and value through her business coaching services and supported me to build my own personal brand as an entrepreneur of 10 years. I enjoyed the feedback session on my own Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® (EMP) which helped me apply the knowledge to step back and look at areas of my business such as structure, processes and systems through a helicopter approach.

David Robson Director at LINGsCARS.com & Technical Director at UKFL

Vicki is my business coach and I am so grateful for her all of the time. As a sole Director of a small business, her support and methods have been invaluable for our business. She goes the extra mile and there when we need her. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Dana Sziklay Director at All Ways Real Estate, Perth Western Australia

If you are a business owner and are looking for some guidance and coaching I would highly recommend you speak to Vicki Main Founder of VLM Training and Coaching Specialists.

Hayley Lambarth Founder of Annie Violet UK

I found my coaching session with Vicki very helpful and supportive. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Tool is an excellent means of helping find direction and areas to focus on. Thanks again Vicki!

Giselle Nejady Founder of Juniper Wellbeing Women’s Holistic Therapies in West Cumbria UK

Vicki did my entrepreneurial mindset profile and it really helped me to look at my greatest strengths. I highly recommend Vicki for coaching.

Cheryl Wilson Squirrel Grove Bakery, Ingleby Barwick, UK

Vicki’s leadership coaching has supported me in ways I hadn’t even imagined; in particular identifying strengths within the team and overpowering long-held imposter syndrome. I came out of every session with Vicki motivated and equipped with practical and tailored solutions to tackle the challenges before me. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile was an enlightening process which has helped me to not only better understand but to leverage and showcase my strengths and abilities.

Bec Kennedy Economic Development, City of Joondalup, Western Australia

This is the best self-help book I have ever read! The style is engaging, and it contains a perfect blend of theory and practical advice that literally anyone can take on board to improve their life. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone!

Nicola Moses Newcastle, UK

More than often I’m quite happy to read a book and pass it on to a friend however, there are occasions where I hang on to a book and revisit it more than once for ‘words of wisdom’. The Momentum Mindset is definitely one of those books. There were countless ‘a-ha’ moments as well as pages I read 3-4 times over because of how relatable the content is. It made me laugh and tear up but most of all, it motivated me with the practicable steps to remind us, sometimes we need to reset and go back to basics in order to move forward.

Eleanor Chappell CEO Buddy Up Australia, Perth, Western Australia

The Momentum Mindset is a fantastic read for anyone hoping to overcome personal or professional barriers. It’s an accessible book that can be picked up and either read cover to cover or dipped into. The structure and format of the layout allows the reader to quickly access smaller nuggets of knowledge from each headed section. Page 18 offers assurance for those bleaker days where you feel isolated or alone. This is all supported with real life, lived experience and quotes woven into the book from business owners. Furthermore, the book works in tandem with a series inspiring podcasts. The Momentum Mindset is a very well thought thorough concept that does more than an ordinary self-help book. It resonates, it feels authentic and is derived from a wide range of research, practical workshop methodologies and lived experiences. The Momentum Mindset is a real lifeline to remind us to tune out negativity. It is well balanced, acknowledges realism and is not laden with unattainable target or goal setting. It is grounded by practical objectives and offers simple application to achieve aims. This book allows the reader to lay down realistic foundations for change within a busy, daily schedule.

Karen Underhill Founder Blue Meanies Art & Events, Beyond The Waves Arts Bereavement Project, Newcastle, UK

The Momentum Mindset will inspire you to think about your personal growth and coping strategies in an inspiring, thought provoking and structured way. The concepts and examples presented in the book highlight opportunities for thoughtful personal development along with gentle reminders to not forget the basics.

Helen Merchant London, UK

The Momentum Mindset by Vicki Main & Jonathan Bean is like that awesome friend who gives you the best life advice over a cup of coffee. It's a game-changer! This book helped me see how having the right mindset can directly impact your life in a positive way and how it's just as important to look at the external world around you to identify barriers stopping you from achieving great things. It's not all jargon and theory either, it's packed with relatable and practical ideas that I've actually used to make changes in both my professional career in business and in my personal life as dad. If you're looking for a down-to-earth, no-nonsense guide to leveling up your mindset, this book is for you. Trust me, it's like having a secret weapon for personal growth.

Jon Marshall-Riggs Newcastle, UK

The Momentum Mindset is a great book to help anyone who is feeling like they are not achieving their goals both professionally and personally. It's full of great tips and strategies to help readers identify problem areas and negative beliefs that may be holding them back from fulfilling their potential. The structure of the book is accessible and easy to read in one go or by starting in the sections most relevant to the reader and where they are at in their journey. What sets it a part from other personal development books are the anecdotes and advice from other people in business making the problems relatable and the practical solutions easy to apply to different situations. The resources which are linked to specific chapters to help readers problem solve is also a really helpful tool and promotes action in the reader. It was very engaging and I highly recommend it to others looking to improve their mindset in order to achieve their goals.

Danielle Meikle Newcastle, UK

The Momentum Mindset Book is brilliant. I’m loving it.

Louisa London, UK

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