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Free Downloadable Educational Resources

Check out the free downloadable educational resources to help you drill down further into some fundamentals about you, your purpose and develop an action plan for success. 

Whether you are in a leadership role or running your own business these resources have been carefully selected to help you gain a greater insight into who you are, why you do what you do and what could be blocking your future success.  

This is a small snapshot of resources we offer in particular around mindset and for more information about how we can help you, your team or your company grow either through coaching packages or training solutions drop us an email at enquiry@govlm.com.

Our community of qualified trainers, coaches and mentors have depth of knowledge and experience to support you and your companies continuous learning development needs pivotal for success.

Step 1 - Who?

Who are you?

You have to know yourself to grow yourself and your business. Mindset is key to this.  Over time and circumstances people change. 

The self-reflective questions have been carefully considered to help you reflect on who you are. 

Download this free self-reflection PDF exercise to consider key questions about yourself to gain a greater insights about yourself. 

Step 2 - Why?

Why do you do what you do?

We are all unique and have a set of core beliefs which have deep assumptions about ourselves, the environment and others.

Download this free PDF to help you explore your own values, mission, vision and purpose which help motivate you every single day to create an impact.   

Step 3 -What?

What actions do you take to fulfil your purpose?

Whether you are in a leadership role or running your own business you will be providing a service or product which you get paid for. 

Download this free interpretation of the Ikigai model which explores what actions you take to fulfil your purpose.  It addresses what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs and what you are paid for. Then actionable steps can be applied. 

Step 4 - Where?

Where can you go for support?

Humans love connection.  When you surround yourself with people who support your purpose great things can happen.  

Download this free PDF exercise to identify where you currently go to for advice and where the gaps are in your support squad. This can help determine where you go from here.     

Step 5 - When?

When will you take action to work smarter not harder?

Our time is our most valuable commodity. Timing is everything.  In this section we explore what your current time wasters are and how you can work smarter not harder to fulfil your purpose. 

Download your free PDF to explore how you can maximise your time to get the results you want. 

Step 6 - How?

How you implement what you do?

Once you’ve identified who you are, your purpose, actions you need to take, your support squad and time wasters then you’ve got to work out how you will implement your goals.  

Download your free PDF to create an action plan and establish key performance indicators for success.

Want to get a Momentum Mindset?

Our flagship VLM Momentum Mindset Coaching package provides a framework for business owners and individuals which will help you to break free of the gravitational pull of negativity and inertia and achieve an incredible life.

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